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GOP ‘Operation Chaos’ seeks to undermine South Carolina's democrats primary

GOP activists in South Carolina are urging party voters to do the seems unthinkable: support Senator Bernie Sanders' bid for the White House to be the state’s Democratic primary on Saturday.

Bernie Sanders enters Saturday's race as the champion for the Democratic nominee, powered by victories in New Hampshire and Nevada and a near-tie for the first time in Iowa.

“Bernie is a socialist and the most egregious of all the candidates. He is also the weakest against Trump,” said Pressley Stutts, a Tea Party activist and one of the organizers behind an interference effort dubbed “Operation Chaos.”

State Democrat Party Chairman Trav Robertson called the Republican efforts “nonsense.” Trav Robertson said party leaders expect greater Democrats primary numbers, not due to Republican gamesmanship but because voters are fed up with the “immoral, anti-Christian” person occupying the White House.

28 Feb 2020

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