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Give Up Nuclear Weapons or No Deal

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While the United States buzzed about the revelations that would come from the Cohen testimony yesterday, President Trump was at a summit in Vietnam working on peace negotiations with N. Korea. Pictures of the summit showed both President Trump and Kim Jong-un in great spirits with smiles on their faces at a round table.

There were images of them laughing, sitting side by side in a press conference and even a few showing the two walking around discussing things in a polite manner.

As reported by every news outlet, the talks ended abruptly and with little fanfare. “I’d rather do it right than do it fast,” President Trump stated. What started off as a meeting of leaders ended with a handshake showing one another respect and a possible future friendship for the United States.

The deal itself hinged on sanctions leveled against N. Korea and denuclearization of the peninsula. The fact remains that Kim Jung-un wanted something for nothing and our President wasn’t willing to budge on it.

Though the abrupt end of the summit created a stir among those in the media, it didn’t cause President Trump to destroy the delicate progress that was made. He said he trusts Kim’s promise that he would not resume nuclear and missile testing, but that the current sanctions will stay in place.

Though it appeared no ground was actually made in that there wasn’t a formal signing, the two leaders did seem to develop a small semblance of trust; proving it is better to part as friends without a deal than as enemies with a bad one.

By Joann H. Buchanan | CTM News

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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