Germany Demands Hamas End Terror Attacks Against Israel

(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

The German government said that Hamas should stop its rocket attacks on Israel and that Germany "stands with Israel" and supports its right to defend itself. Germany also condemned anti-Semitic attacks in Germany, calling it “a disgrace for all of us.”

“The rocket attacks by Hamas must stop,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said at a press conference on Monday. “It is terror aimed at haphazardly killing people. If Israel’s air defence system didn’t intercept so many of them or if many hadn’t crashed inside Gaza, the number of victims in Israeli cities would be even higher. Precisely that is the goal of Hamas.” “Germany stands by Israel’s side in this situation and by its right to protect its population and to defend itself,” he added.

Steffen Seibert blamed Hamas for the casualties on both sides, accusing it of holding the Palestinian people as hostages.

“It is tragic that there are so many lives to grieve on both sides. It is ironic that Hamas, with its missile terror perpetrated from densely populated areas, from residential areas, is taking the Palestinian population of Gaza hostage.

“Hamas knows that the rocket war against the people in Israel surely will not solve the Middle East conflict, a solution which so many people on both sides hope for so much. That will only be possible with a return to the negotiating table.”

Commenting on the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in Germany since the conflict began in the Middle East earlier this month, Seibert said: "The hatred against Jews and anti-Semitism in recent days is a disgrace."

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17 May 2021

Mary Hill

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