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Georgia teenagers staged kidnapping at mall to gain YouTube followers, police say


A teenager screaming for help inside an SUV in the parking lot of a Georgia mall last week was nothing more than a stunt meant to be uploaded to YouTube, according to police.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said Christopher Kratzer, 19, and Ava Coleman, 17, face charges of reckless conduct and raising a false public alarm after the alleged staged kidnapping at The Collection at Forsyth shopping center, located about 35 miles north of Atlanta.

"If you want to create a social media following, I would strongly dissuade you from this stupidity, good armed citizens might have been justified in using force to stop what they legitimately believed was a kidnapping," Sheriff Ron Freeman said in a Facebook post. "Committing a criminal act for social media likes will get you arrested in Forsyth County, that's not the kind of attention most people want to have."

Fox News

11th July 2019

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