Georgia's Secretary of State refers 3 provinces to mailbox investigation

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger referred Coffee, Grady, and Taylor counties for investigation because officials did not complete absentee ballot transfer forms required by Georgia's rules and regulations, according to a press release.

These three counties accounted for 0.37% of the total absentee votes cast in the state in the November elections. According to Thursday's release, all of the other 120 counties that used mailboxes and kept ballot transfer documents have completed.

With an unprecedented number of absentee votes cast in the state due to the pandemic, the State Election Board has added an emergency rule to allow mailboxes.

State officials, including Ravensberger, have come under fire since the recent approval of his electoral reform package. This legislation, called the Electoral Integrity Act of 2021, was created to restore confidence and accountability in state elections.


9 April 2021

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