Georgia Governor: Losing the all-star game will harm minorities

Georgia's Republican governor on Saturday stepped up his attack on Major League Baseball's decision to withdraw the all-star game this summer from the state in response to a radical new voting law, saying the move was politicizing the sport and would harm corporate ownership of minorities.

"It is the minority-owned companies that have been hit the hardest by an invisible virus, and it's not their fault," said Governor Brian Kemp. "These are the same minority companies that are now affected by another decision that is by no fault of their own.”

Kemp spoke with Georgia Attorney Chris Carr, who is also a Republican, at a seafood and po'boy restaurant miles from the stadium in a suburb of North Atlanta where the match was to be held, although he said he did not believe the company was owned by the minority company. The game will now be played in Denver. Kemp noted that the city has a much lower percentage of African Americans than Atlanta.


10 April 2021

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