Georgia begins manual counting of presidential votes

Election officials in all of Georgia's 159 counties have begun manual recounts for the presidential race that stems from the scrutiny required by state law.

The law requires that the race be manually audited to verify that the machines have counted the votes accurately, and not if problems with the results are suspected.

Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger decided to review the presidential race, saying the narrow margin (Democrat Joe Biden leads Republican President Donald Trump with 14,000 votes) means that a full count is necessary.

Even when counties were required to start counting at 9 am. On Friday, Ravensburger placed himself in quarantine as a precaution after his wife tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday. The Secretary of State's office has instructed county election officials to complete the vetting by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. The deadline for the state to ratify the results is November 20.


13 November 2020

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