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From one hotspot to another: Twin ER doctors on COVID-19 front lines in New York, Miami

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in New York City in April, physician Michael D’Urso was scrambling to care for the seemingly ever-increasing number of patients being wheeled into the emergency room where he worked.

In Miami, his identical twin brother Dennis, also an emergency room doctor, listened to Michael's experiences on the front lines, providing support and encouragement, while bracing for the onslaught to hit his own state. here

For a time, it appeared Florida would avoid New York’s fate as a pandemic epicenter. But come July, confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths began sky-rocketing in the sunshine state.

For the 31-year-old twins, the tables were turned.

“Now with the focus in Miami, the relationship has mostly flipped, with me calling him with my experiences and the newest treatment protocols we are using,” Dennis told Reuters.

They speak a few times a week, whenever their schedules allow. Michael is now the one to encourage, dispense advice, and quell his brother’s frustration at people’s disregard for social distancing rules and mask mandates.

12 August 2020

News Source Reuters

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