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First drive-thru food pantry opens up in San Francisco amid the coronavirus pandemic

The first drive-thru food pantry opened up in San Francisco on Friday, serving those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic without requiring people to leave their vehicles.

At least 65 volunteers wearing protective masks loaded up roughly 900 cars with fresh produce and shelf-stable items at the new pop-up pantry, located in the parking lot of the San Francisco Giants' Oracle Park.

The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank -- which opened the drive-thru location -- expects the number of cars to reach 1,500 next Friday, as word gets out about the food distribution site. It will continue to provide supplies to members of the community through June 5, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"We've helped in the last three wildfires, and many of us went to Houston after Hurricane Harvey to help" said Barbara Abbott, vice president of supply chain at the Food Bank. "We have never seen anything like this. Before this pandemic, we served 32,000 households, and now it's double that."

To promote social distancing at the newly opened pop-up pantry -- a car drives up, opens their trunk, and a volunteer loads two boxes of food inside, each weighing up to 30 pounds.

The produce boxes on Friday included avocados, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and more -- grown by California farmers. The shelf staple boxes were filled with lentils, pasta, eggs and boxed milk.

Abbott said the drive-thru service received a warm welcome from people who described it as a unique experience -- as many Americans are currently faced with food insecurity for the first time in their lives amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

19 May 2020

News Source FOX NEWS

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