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Donald Trump declared churches 'essential,' calls on them to reOpen Right Now'

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President Donald Trump has called for all churches and places of worship to open as all 50 states have begun easing COVID-19 restrictions.

"I call on all governors to allow churches and other places of worship to open right now," Trump said.

The president threatened to “override” governors who defy him.

"Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship," Trump said. "It's not right, and I am correcting the injustice."

Trump has been pushing for the country to reopen as he tries to reverse an economic free fall playing out months before he faces reelection. Evangelical Christians have been among the president's most loyal supporters, and the White House has been careful to attend to their concerns throughout the crisis.

The majority of Christian Leaders and other Religious leaders around the country applauded the president's action on social media.

Churches around the country have filed legal challenges opposing virus closures. In Minnesota, after Democratic Governor Tim Walz this week declined to lift restrictions on churches, Roman Catholic and some Lutheran leaders said they would defy his ban and resume worship services. They called the restrictions unconstitutional and unfair since restaurants, malls, and bars were allowed limited reopening.

Jentezen Franklin, the senior pastor of Free Chapel, wrote, Thank you Mr President! @realDonaldTrump You always have the back of people of Faith!!! We appreciate this very much. We will use wisdom about reopening but it’s our call not the governments!!!!

23 May 2020

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