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Divisions between urban and rural Democrats on Trump Impeachment

Credit: Reuters

Democratic party congresswoman Cynthia Axne First-term, back home in her rural Iowa district for the Thanksgiving break, faced a room full of farmers on Saturday who made clear their opposition to the impeachment investigation of Republican President Donald J. Trump.

Cynthia Axne, 54, avoided any mention of impeachment until one of her constituents, a Democrats who voted for her, said he views the investigation as a waste of time and money: “Let’s not vote for impeachment. Let’s get stuff done. I’m sick of it!”, he bellowed. Others nodded in agreement.

“I don’t talk about impeachment,” Cynthia Axne, who defeated Republican David Young in 2016 by just two points, said in an interview.

“My job is to work for the people here in this district and do a good job for them. But my job also is to protect this country. If we find out that the president has put us in harm’s way, then I have absolutely no problem losing a seat over that.”

To loud applause in his New Jersey district, about 50 miles west of New York, Malinowski said: “The president Trump is free to pursue a foreign policy that he believes is in the national interest, but President Trump is not free to pursue a foreign policy that only serves his political interest,”

25th November 2019

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