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Democrat Jacky Rosen defeats GOP incumbent Dean Heller in Nevada Senate race

Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen of Nevada has been elected to the U.S. Senate, defeating Republican incumbent Dean Heller.

Heller conceded the race to Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, earlier Tuesday night after the hard-fought Senate battle.

With 84 percent of precincts reporting, Rosen had 426,360 votes, or 50.8 percent of the total

cast, while Heller had 377,386, or 45 percent.

"Women are winning up and down the ballot. This is a historic night for us," Rosen said in a victory speech early Wednesday, the Hill reported.

"The politics of fear and division -- they have lost," she added, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Heller had been in office since he was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2011. He was seeking a second full term.

“I congratulated her on what she did,” Heller told supporters in a concession speech, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. “What her party was able to achieve — not just in my race, but all the way down that ballot. We’ve hit blue waves for a couple of cycles and as a party we are going to have to come back together and decide how we’re going to go forward in the future.”

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