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CTM Analysis: Mueller's testimony poses a risk for Democrats

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Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress will depend not so much on what he says, but that he's even saying it at all.

Special Counsel's appearance wednesday creates a second many have been looking ahead to: mueller finally speaking out, piercing the public attention about president donald trump's response to the russia investigation and whether or not some thing must be finished approximately it.

The political stakes are high for Democrats also, who have spent the beyond two years pushing toward at the moment. as public attention has drifted and views have hardened, democrats are counting on americans listening to what most have not likely read — the stunning findings of Mueller's 448-page report .

Mueller spoke publicly only once, saying his team report, released in april, have to communicate for itself.

The report discovered that even as there has been no proof the campaign colluded with russia to swing the election, trump couldn't be cleared of trying to obstruct the investigation.

Mueller, 74, who hews to standards of an earlier era, is not expected to stray beyond the document his team produced. Aides to lawmakers say they have been reviewing his past congressional appearances and are expecting one-word answers and few surprises.

That could lead to an unfulfilling conclusion for Democrats, and others, who are hoping Mueller's testimony will bring some resolution.

The top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, said the hearing will be "like an old TV show that you watched years ago. ... After a few minutes you could quote what the characters could say, and nothing is new anymore."

"Frankly, the American people have moved on," Collins said.

21st July 2019

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