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Cory Booker is committed to ending the insult of the Transgender Ban in military

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Cory Booker of New Jersey said he would lift the ban on transsexual Americans in the Trump administration who want to openly serve in the military if or when he becomes president.

On a cheerful audience of over 300 supporters in Davenport, Iowa, Booker was furious when a woman who identified herself as transgender, she asked to protect LGBTQ Americans about their plans on Sunday night.

“When I am president of the United States, right away I will end this ridiculous, insulting, un-American ban on transgender Americans serving in the military,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Booker, who was greeted with a "standing ovation" by a crowd that, according to Quad Cities Times, held some "Iowa for Cory Booker" posters, spoke for 30 minutes with the preacher's effortless and ascending rhetoric. before asking questions to the audience for half an hour.

CTM News | 18th March 2019

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