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Coronavirus in the U.S.: Relaxed Rules and the Warm Weather Test States

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Warmer weekend temperatures and fatigue over weeks of confinement lured millions of Americans outside on Saturday, adding to the pressure on city and state officials to enforce, or loosen, restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. In New York City, where the temperature hovered around 70 degrees on Saturday, Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded with residents to resist the impulse to gather outdoors. In New Jersey, golf courses reopened on Saturday morning, and Gov. Philip D. Murphy said that early anecdotal reports from state police and parks officials indicated people were maintaining social distance. “If we hear minimal reports of knucklehead behavior at our parks and we see that the metrics we need to meet are being met over the next couple of days, then we know that you have all taken to heart your responsibility,” he said. Elsewhere, protesters pressing for the loosening of virus restrictions gathered in the capitals of Kentucky, Oregon, and even Florida, where the Republican governor has already announced a relaxing of many of the state’s restrictions.

3 May 2020

News Source The New York Times

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