Chip Roy seeks to force the House to vote to preserve Trump’s Anti-Covid Border Rules

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As a Texas Representative, Republican Rep. Chip Roy knows all about the important things, so it may not come as a surprise to his voters at home that he faces one of the biggest possible legislative challenges.

House rules allow a representative to file what is known as a "discharge petition," which can force a bill to leave the committee being mobilized and vote for or against it.

What makes such a "discharge petition," challenge is that they require the signature of at least 218 members of the House of Representatives to suspend the usual legislative process and submit the specific bill directly to attendees.

This means that for Roy to succeed, he must have the signatures of all 212 Republicans and at least six Democrats. There are also additional procedural details that can further complicate the process.

“Discharge is generally the only procedure by which Members can secure consideration of a measure without cooperation from the committee of referral, or the majority-party leadership and the Committee on Rules. For this reason, discharge is designed to be difficult to accomplish and has infrequently been used with success.”

Chip Roy filed his petition late April 19 in an effort to force Rep. Yvette Herrell’s (R-N.M.) H.R. 471 — the “Protecting Americans from Unnecessary Spread upon Entry from COVID–19 Act of 2021” — out of the Committee on Energy and Commerce and onto the floor for a decision by the full House.

“When the new administration came in, President Biden ended President Trump’s Title 42 enforcement for thousands of children and families, and he may still decide to end enforcement altogether, all to appease his anti-borders base. “Suspending Title 42 enforcement in part has already signaled to cartels and coyotes that the era of catch-and-release has returned and encouraged them to expand their atrocious operations across our border and into our communities, “What remaining enforcement the administration has left in place is the one thing standing between the current crisis—as bad as it is—and a full-scale rush on our southern border. With Congresswoman Herrell’s legislation and this discharge petition, Congress has the power to override this administration’s reckless policies now and prevent this crisis from getting worse, “There is no reason that we shouldn’t vote on this as soon as possible. I look forward to finding out how many of my colleagues in each party agree. Roy said in a statement.

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April 20, 2021

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