California Bill Would Ban "Girls" And "Boys" Sections In Larger Retail Stores

California retail stores can be asked to remove separate sections for toys, clothing, and child care items for "boys" and "girls," if a bill introduced last month by Democrats in the California state legislature becomes law.

The bill, when first drafted by Assembly Democrats Evan Law and Christina Garcia, said the bill would require stores with 500 or more employees "to maintain undivided areas of the sales floor where the majority of items on display are displayed." It was an item traditionally marketed to girls or boys. "

"Instead of having a separate section for boys or girls, let's have a section for boys only. That's what the conversation is about. Let's make sure to remove this kind of stigma, the kind of bullying that we still see, especially in this day and age," Luo said.


19 March 2021

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