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Bullock tries to find middle ground on guns

(AP Photo/John Locher)

As a Democratic politician in deep-red Montana, Steve Bullock has long searched for a middle ground on guns. Now a presidential candidate in a party pushing hard for new gun-control laws, he still is.

While many of his Democratic opponents go all-in on new proposals for restricting guns, responding to the latest string of mass shootings, Bullock is the rare voice of caution warning Democrats about going too far. While he embraces new restrictions — including a ban on assault weapons — he also worries about the wisdom and political viability of some of the new policies on the table, and fears that Democrats may be playing into the hands of the powerful gun lobby.

“I do have a different perspective than some of the field,” Bullock said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’ve lived through the political narrative at times that the NRA sort of stirs up, trying to suggest that every Democrat wants to take away everyone’s guns,” he said. “So, like having to register all your firearms, I don’t think that’s good policy, necessarily, and I’m not sure that it’s that good of politics if we want to win, as an example.”

AP News

17th August 2019

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