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Billionaire Bloomberg to spend $100 million in Florida to assist Biden

Michael Bloomberg, who spent $1 billion of his own money on a failed 2020 presidential bid, will inject a minimum of $100 million to assist Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign against President Donald Trump in Florida.

The billionaire’s decision comes at a critical moment within the final 51 days of the race, with polls showing an in-depth race within the battleground state and no financial advantage for the sitting president as voting gets underway later this month.

Trump’s initial financial supremacy over former vice-chairman Biden evaporated after the Republican’s campaign spent freely and Democratic fundraising surged once the party’s divisive primary ended.

“Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping defeat Trump, which goes to happen within the battleground states,” said Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey, who added that the ex-New York City mayor’s spending “will mean Democrats and therefore the Biden campaign can invest even more heavily in other key states like Pennsylvania, which can be critical to a Biden victory.”

Even before Bloomberg’s spending, both campaigns were expecting Florida to be the foremost expensive state during which to campaign. it'll be the most important prize among competitive states on election day, offering 29 of the 270 body votes needed to win.

14 September 2020

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