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Biden's comeback leaves Sanders little time to expand the appeal

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After losing the momentum in the Democratic presidential race, Bernie Sanders has work to do - and little time to do it - to build the “multiracial, multigenerational movement” he says will propel him to victory over Republican President Donald Trump in November.

In an unexpectedly strong night for Joe Biden, the former vice president won 10 of the 14 states up for grabs on Super Tuesday, confirming suspicions that Sanders was struggling to expand his base, particularly among older voters and African Americans.

Sanders’ supporters said on Wednesday the disappointing results were no cause for panic but showed that the democratic socialist senator from Vermont still needed to prove he could broaden his base enough to capture the Democratic nomination.

Sanders was strongest on Tuesday among young and Latino voters, according to exit poll data, and scored a major victory winning California, the state with the most delegates.

But a far wider coalition fueled Biden’s victories, with some of his biggest support coming from African Americans - a key Democratic voting bloc - and white voters over 60 - a group that regularly turns out in large numbers.

6th March 2020

News Source Reuters

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