Biden Launches Effort to Reshape the US Economy With an Infrastructure Package

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will call for a radical and lasting change in the direction of the US economy with a package of nearly $ 2 trillion to invest in traditional projects such as highways and bridges along with combating climate change and strengthening human services such as as caring for the elderly.

It also aims to put US companies in trouble over the account, which is expected to grow to $ 4 trillion combined once the second part of its economic plan is implemented in April.

The effort, which will be announced on Wednesday at an event in Pittsburgh, paves the way for the next partisan showdown in Congress, with members largely agreeing that capital investments are being traded, but active in their capital, program but still in place as social services. How to pay it would be a secret topic in itself.

Biden, for now, is shrugging off his campaign promise and saving rich Americans from any tax increase. The plan would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21% and change the tax law to fill loopholes that allow companies to transfer their profits abroad, according to a senior administration official.


31 March 2021

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