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Arizona farmers who have supported the Trump barrier along the border lose their trust

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When Donald Trump was elected president, Farmer John Ladd said traffic smuggling on his farm had dropped immediately and had grown soundly for the first time in years.

Lad, 63, a fourth-generation cattle farmer, voted for Trump and promised to build a border wall and pay Mexico for it. But the wall was not built, the rest did not last, and Lade, along with southern Arizona farmers, lost their confidence in the border wall plans.

"If they build a wall and do what they did to us, it will not work," Ladd said last week as he drove his 10 miles of his estate adjacent to Mexico on the Mexican border. From the west Nako to the San Pedro River.

All but half a mile of the border at his farm is actually walled, a mixture of uneven heights, all erected on his land before the Trump administration. To the direct west, at the foot of the Huachuca Mountains, the fence ends.

CTM News | 14th March 2019

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