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Are the Democrats Serious About Border Security?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., speak on Capitol Hill in response President Trump's prime-time address on border security on Tuesday. PHOTO BY ALEX BRANDON AP

The amount of rhetoric surrounding the Border

Crisis has been dizzying. The moment that the

Government Shutdown took a pause, the banter

only got worse. Reasons why America should have

a border wall are all sensible arguments, but it

became clear long ago that this is about more than

a border wall. This is a political cold war. This is a

war for America. It isn't like anyone is surprised really. Everyone

from both sides were expecting tension on some

level despite hopes the parties would try to work

together when the Democrats took the House.

Instead, America witnessed a play for power that

brought our nation down to its knee's in one single

month. The shutdown cost America $3 Billion in

permanently lost revenue for that same month

according to the nonpartisan Congressional

Budget Office which actually would have made up

a little over half of the budget that Trump has

been proposing for the Border Wall. Making this

more audacious was the prior voting by

Democrats for a Border Wall in 2006, so what is

really going on here?

Having a border wall should be a very logical step

to take considering current risk factors spreading

globally including diseases that require quarantine.

Diseases that are untreatable, deadly and highly

contagious. On January 27, 2019 several outlets

reported that an illegal immigrant male was

detained in a remote area of New Mexico near

the border. He complained of a growing rash that

turned out to be a Flesh Eating Virus. You

contract it when it is given access to minor cuts

and scrapes. Other serious medical issues

crossing our border include, but are not limited

to a rise in lice, measles, chicken pox, HIV,

scabies, rabies and an incredible variety of drug

resistant sexually transmittable diseases.

The arguments for a Border Wall are factual and

extremely alarming such as sexual trafficking of

women and children, drugs, deadly criminals and

terrorists, but none of this seems to matter even

though there has been a record rise in

immigration caravans in the last four months.

What would cause an entire group of American

leaders to put their own nations welfare at risk

over other countries? Power.

have manifested growing zone shifts limiting

supplies of produce globally. The climate issues

are only going to get worse according to many


American's were even divided as a hate agenda for

Trump led to the persecution of Catholic Covington

students who received death threats. On what

normal day would it be acceptable to threaten

children? It is a sign of a hurting people looking

for someone to blame. A true mob mentality.

Fortunately for the students, the truth set the

record straight soon after the media smear. Just

as the situation was beginning to look like our

nation was about to crumble before our very

eyes, an initial forward step began to turn

everything around.

President Trump declared a temporary end to the

Government Shutdown with a February 15th

deadline to reach a suitable agreement. Speaker

Pelosi responded in kind and invited the

President to deliver his State of the Union on

February 5th. President Trump promptly

accepted the invite.

"It is my great honor to accept. We have a great

story to tell and yet, great goals to achieve."-

President Donald J. Trump

At the very same time, Border Patrol arrested 242

migrants looking to cross over into Arizona. With no

serious barrier between America and the migrants,

they merely had to walk 100 ft and navigate with minor

resistance to surrender to Border Patrol agents. The

Texas Secretary of State is reporting that 58,000 of the

non-US citizens that have voter registration cards in

that state alone have used them.During the month of

January 2019, there were many speculations about the

true motives of the Democrats in the face of serious

southern border issues. Theories ranged from a

Presidential Coup to outright Communism and a desire

for fraudulent votes. It was even rumored that Pelosi

would try to have the President and Vice President

assassinated, because she is third in line for the

position. There was even a foiled assassination plot

uncovered just as Speaker Pelosi was encouraging the

President to delay his State of the Union address due

to security concerns. American's were becoming

unsure if the Democrats really care as much about the

American people as they do the immigrants. Riots and

rumors of future riots were taking to the streets. It

became clear that it wouldn't take much more for the

spark to erupt into something unstoppable. Social

Underground media talked openly about the possibility

of martial law in these cases. In fact, around January

23rd, there was a nationwide mobile Presidential Alert

Test. Many of the users did not get the text, but read

the message of uncertainty very clearly. The nation

wondered if Trump would call a National Emergency.

That option was not off the table of the temporary

shutdown if negotiations did not go well. As of late,

Democrats had not been as serious about border

security as they had been standing their own ground.

The reasoning can only be speculative despite the

hollow words Nancy Pelosi has spoken about

immorality and the wall. If actions can give us any clue,

it would appear that she wanted to send Trump a

message that she will not be pushed and that

Democrats badly needed to feel a type of perceived

win in their favor. Considering how important the

Border Crisis really is, we are left wondering how much

will she be willing to work in the future for true

progress in the United States of America. Can both

sides put aside the online bickering and continue to

move forward? We can only pray. Besides that, we now

have to wonder which side of Border Security she

really stands on.

Is it for a Border Wall as in the past or is she truly

convinced that more drone technology will be

sufficient? The decision to send Schumer and

McConnell in to break the ice of negotiations was

necessary considering the rooted stand off between

the Speaker and the President. Was the stand off really

worth it? Was it, because Nancy's own plans were being

unhinged that she finally came to the table? I would like

to think that the timing of Martin Luther King Day

inspired a more peaceful approach for the two

opposing sides. Reverend Martin Luther was a man of

peaceful protest rather than rioting and violence. He

believed that people from everywhere could learn to

work together for the common good. That hate

destroys hope and burns bridges. A divided nation is

what we have become. Full of labels that take away

from the fact that we are the "United" States of

America. Hard times come. It's how we get back up

that matters and it's time to get up. It's time for a

healing to take place in this land and in the hearts and

the minds of the people. For this, we need strong and

committed leadership to recognize that the type of

political warfare that has been displayed is

unacceptable. They all need to recognize that they are

tearing American families apart and; therefore, this

nation apart with their politics. These are real people.

Real voters and taxpayers. The games are more than

just political. They are life and death. This nail biting

shutdown over border security managed to present

America with a new record for the longest government

shutdown in United States history. Even the heavens

graced Washington DC with a Super Blood Wolf moon

during the crisis. It doesn't take an expert on omens to

understand that Washington DC is skating on thin ice.

Is this what America wants everyone to see? This

dangerous game for control sent us into uncharted and

very dangerous territory. Border security continually

seemed to play a secondary role to the political

agenda. Somehow, American citizens became collateral

damage believing, because of propaganda, that we

should be abusing each other too. Whatever the

reason is that this has happened, the future of how we

choose to respond should take every consideration for

consequence and the bigger picture. As citizens and as

politicians. In the end there are no party lines. Only


By Christienah Robertson Travis

Article Orginally Published in Christian Times Magazine Issue 27 | Feb 2019

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