Andrew Cuomo: Pfizer Vaccine Distribution Timing Means 'Bad News'

Pfizer's announcement that the two-vaccine COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective in clinical trials and could be released in the next two months is "bad news" given the way the Trump administration is laying out plans to distribute it. two months ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

"The bad news is that about two months before Joe Biden comes to power, this means this administration will implement a vaccine plan," Cuomo told ABC News 'Good Morning America' host George Stephanopoulos.

He added that he is speaking with other governors to fix President Donald Trump's plans for private-sector providers to distribute the vaccine or to "stop it before it does damage."

“They will basically ask private service providers to do this and it will exclude all kinds of communities that were excluded the first time COVID devastated them,” the governor said.


9 November 2020

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