According to new data, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November

According to data revealed Tuesday, more Americans resigned from their jobs in November 2021 than in any other month in history.

In the month, 4.5 million people lost their jobs, up to three percent from the previous month.

According to the Department of Labor's Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, resignations increased the greatest in the lodging and food services and healthcare and public support industries.

All regions of the U.S. saw an increase in the number of people quitting, indicating how many people lost their jobs. The southern United States, which encompasses Arkansas, Florida, and Texas, saw the most resignations.

“People who quit are taking other jobs, not leaving the workforce. On net, the labor market is gaining a ton of jobs every month,” Heidi Shierholz, president of the Economic Policy Institute, wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the number of job opportunities fell by 529,000. On Nov. 30, however, there were still 10.5 million job opportunities, with over 1 million in businesses such as health care, retail, and trade, transportation, and utilities.

5 Jan 2022

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