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A host of celebrities speak out on criminal justice reform

This combination photo shows the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, comedian Kevin Hart, rapper Common and reality star Kim Kardashian West, who are among the high-profile celebrities that are speaking out for prison reform. (AP Photo)

Kim Kardashian West isn’t the only celebrity speaking out for prison reform. It’s a topic that was also very important to slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, and to Common, Kevin Hart and a host of others who consider the criminal justice system often unfair and dehumanizing.

Hussle served time before he was shot to death on March 31 and was raising awareness for changes. Last October, he headlined a free #TimeDone campaign concert to bring awareness to the 70 million Americans living with a past conviction.

In February, while attending the Grammy Awards, Hussle explained why the topic of prison reform was among his priorities.

AP News

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