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‘A Giant Hole In The Highway’: Engineers Work To Fix U.S. 36

Not too often can you watch a highway crumble, but Kevin Falkenstein didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He lives in Westminster and frequently travels on U.S. 36 near Wadsworth, the now buckled and busted roadway.

“It’s not the kind of thing you want to have happen, but if it’s going to happen, you kind of want to see it,” he said of the busted eastbound lanes.

He was on his way home for his lunch break when he decided to pull into a nearby shopping center parking lot to see the damaged highway.

“You’ll see a lit bit of dirt fall for about 20 seconds and then it doesn’t do anything for a while,” he told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “The collapse is imminent, but you just don’t know when.

He snapped a couple photos on his cell phone before returning to work. About three hours later, Falkenstein returned to see if the damage was any worse.

“The hole’s twice as big as it was at noon,” Falkenstein described, comparing his photo to the crumbling wall. “I was really surprised to see a giant hole in the highway.”

CBS News

16th July 2019

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