A car bomb in Afghanistan has killed at least 30 members of the security forces

Afghan authorities said that a car bomb explosion in Ghazni province in central Afghanistan killed at least 30 members of the Afghan security forces on Sunday, and injuries may increase given the severity and location of the explosion.

Baz Mohammad Hemat, director of the regional hospital in Ghazni, said that 30 bodies and 24 wounded were taken there. "All the victims are security personnel," he said.

Local officials said the explosion targeted a compound of the General Protection Force, a wing of the Afghan security forces. They said that the bombing caused damage to civilian homes around the compound and that there could be more casualties.

A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, Tariq Arian, confirmed that there had been a car bomb explosion, but he did not provide further information about the target or possible victims.


29 November 2020

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