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CTM was established in 2016 as a must-read title with key figures in American government, journalism, policy-making, business, entertainment, and fashion.

People turn to CTM for the ideas and trends behind the headlines and for a contrarian view of topics. Its depth sets it apart. Each issue brings together the sharpest minds on the news events and ideas that define the modern world.


What results is an entertaining, informative and open-minded magazine that mixes compelling argument and clear-headed analysis with elegance and vitality in design, Since 2016, readers have relied on CTM as a trusted source of progressive news and analysis.


Whether you’re looking to read about the latest news, hot in American politics, Business, Entertainment and Sports Christian Times Magazine has it all for you.

Are you a US Political news enthusiast? Christian Times Magazine is a hub for all the news you seek. Since 2016, we’ve been engaging our readers with topics that interest them the most.


From Politics and breaking news, our team is passionate about providing a wide range of articles that suit your interests.


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